Manifesting with the Moon

The Moon is more than just a beautiful celestial being…
It’s also a powerful tool for manifestation

…and for that reason, I’ve bottled up a bit of its magic in Manifesting with the Moon, the ultimate guide to using the power of the Moon, its phases, & its transits to set intentions & #manifesteverydamnday.

This workbook will teach you:

• The differences between each Moon phase

• What actions & intentions to set based on each Moon phase

• Keywords to remember when acting during each moon phase

• The proper time to actually release with the power of the moon (hint: it ain’t during a Full moon).

• The most effective ways to use new & full moons for manifestation.

Sounds pretty dope, right?

What’s even doper is that Manifesting with the Moon is on sale for only $7 as we prepare to open pre-orders for Manifesting with Your Moon


Click below to purchase your copy for only $7 and enjoy an instant download after purchasing!