Thinking about working with yours truly? It may be to your benefit to see how others have felt about sessions with me:

I contacted DeAndra for a past life email reading. I like how detailed and straight-forward she was about the things mentioned in the reading; that was most helpful. Her reading gave me a better understanding of not only myself, but the things in my life that I need to pay attention to. Anyone looking to work with her should be aware of how direct and open she is during readings. Nothing else could have made her services better for me. She did a great job and I am open to scheduling future sessions with her.

– Christian W.

I was hesitant about receiving a birthday reading from Dee because I had never worked with her before. I’ve had my share of shitty readers, so it was a chance that it wouldn’t have worked out– that’s my hesitation with every new reader. However, she was very down to earth & honest– it felt like we were old friends. She has really good energy and we connected instantly. She addressed my concerns about my love life and career. I really suck at asking questions, so the spread she did with predetermined placements were perfect. I also liked the report that she sent afterward. I still pull it out from time to time. I will definitely schedule future sessions with her, her services were perfect for me. She’ll never get rid of me. A note for new clients: be ready for the truth! Be as honest as possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

– Anonymous

My reading with Dee was great! I liked most how comfortable the whole experience was. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I immediately felt calm like I could trust the process. The reading wasn’t so much of a revealing of my future as it confirmed things I already suspected or helped lead me in a particular direction when I wasn’t sure which way to go. It’s important for future clients to be specific with what they want to discuss. I think it’ll help for a smoother and more accurate reading.

– Brandy T.

She made the session easy and straight to the point. DeAndra & the cards explained my current battle in grave detail and gave me solutions to my issues. What I liked most was the ease of access & the detailed email report.

– Ka’Lyn C.

I had gone to one other psychic before. I left feeling confused and manipulated and like nothing that had been said was specific to my life, so I was hoping this time would be different. DeAndra’s voice is very soothing; just hearing her tone alone was enough to tell me I was working with someone genuine. She’s very comforting and comfortable to be around. I loved that I could hear her shuffling & cutting the deck, that she smudged before beginning, and that she required me to take a few deep breaths. I also appreciate that she messaged me about something else that she saw after our session ended. She didn’t have to, but she went the extra mile. It felt like I experienced clarity while the reading was taking place. I didn’t have a specific question, but the cards answered that one thing that had been lingering over my head for a while. I feel so hopeful because she confirmed everything the Universe had been pointing me toward. I can’t wait to schedule a couple’s reading, I want to get personal readings from Dee often.

– Nitha T.

My reading truly felt like a shared experience where Dee was as much a guide as she was a friend. The messages were clear and concise, never once straying too far from the point. Dee focuses on how you can take full responsibility for your life but also let the energy and Spirit guide you. I will absolutely be back for another reading.

– Yaira M.


Dee blew my mind. The first reading I impulsively purchased on 11/11, and fuck, it was the tough love & kick in the butt I needed. I didn’t particularly have any doubt before purchasing a reading, but Dee’s readings really helped me see the power of intuition, tarot and energy, and helped me believe in the power of intuition and believe in myself tbh.

– Neha J.


I booked a reading with Dee after my sister referred me to her! The topic that I wanted Dee’s insight on was giving me crazy anxiety for the longest time so I was nervous to book. But the reading was absolutely phenomenal. Dee is incredibly pleasant and “tells it like it is!” (Which she shares up front). She uses her gift as well as her comforting, pleasant and girl-next-door demeanor to make you as comfortable as possible and help you answer whatever question or face whatever issue you’re going through. Dee gave practical and insightful suggestions on how I can positively move forward in my situation and achieve favorable outcome. I’m grateful for my reading with Dee and look forward to our next reading. Would highly suggest! <3

– Jen C.

The reading was so healing and powerful. It’s not just a tarot reading but more like a mini counseling session, I got so many lessons and encouragement out of it. I felt like I was listening to my friend because it was very laid back but yet deep.

– Fannya C.

This is my third reading with Dee, and after the first one I knew that the Universe put her in my life. Our conversations are always comfortable and I know I can be frank and honest and most importantly (and hardest) for me, vulnerable. She keeps it absolutely real and has been integral to huge important recent shifts in my life. I would recommend Dee without hesitation and am so grateful to have her. <3

– Erica H.

I met Dee at work and she has a beautiful and calming spirit. She’s hilarious, but insightful. Spiritual yet free. She’s balanced, and the kind of person of whom you say “I want some of what she’s got!” I’ve never had a reading before and I didn’t hesitate to book with Dee. The read was spot on and confirmed and illuminated many things. Book now — you won’t regret it!

– Nik R.

We all have a friend that tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. What I liked most about the reading was that it felt like talking to a friend that you’ve known forever, a friend that you trust. I felt so much peace afterwards, and I know that I have a lot to think about, but I feel much better about my journey. I thank you for your time and for sharing your gifts.

– Kimberly N.